ContiLatin Perú

Leader in the import and commercialization of agricultural commodities in Peru.

Founded in 1994 to be a leader in the import and commercialization of agricultural commodities in Peru. Since our origination, important development and evolution has occurred. 

In 2007, with the arrival of Seaboard as a new partner, significant momentum and growth was achieved, tripling sales volume during the subsequent years.

In 2014, Contilatin Peru began industrial operations that accompany our value proposition to customers, acquiring two soybean extrusion plants and animal feed operations in Lima and Trujillo.

With passion for excellence in execution, we provide products, services, and solutions that successfully meet the needs and challenges of our customers, as such, we create value for our shareholders, prosperity for our families, and positive contribution to our society.

Trujillo Plant

Located in the Moche Valley at the southern entrance of the beautiful city of Trujillo. It has a Soybean extrusion line to produce soybean full-fat meal, a corn drying and cleaning plant, and a grain warehouse where our products are scrupulously cared for and protected. From here we mainly serve our customers in La Libertad and Lambayeque, as well as in the Amazon.

Lurin Plant

Located in the district of Lurín, about 40 kilometers from central Lima. At this plant we offer a comprehensive service to our customers ranging from the storage and shipping of grains, production of full-fat soybean meal, and production of animal feed. This strategic location provides service to both Lima to the north and customers to the south, all the way to Chincha.

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Our Commercial Team


Gustavo Klinge

General Manager
+51 1 377 7035
+51 959 077 712

Pedro Salas

Commercial Manager
+51 1 377 7043
+51 987 969 115

Eduardo Lozada

Logistics Services
+51 1 377 7041
+51 958 840 130

Oscar Zubiate

Industrial Services. Full Fat Meal.
Corn and Soy Northern Peru
+51 1 377 7039
+51 943 960 302

Claudia Suarez

Corn and Soybeans
+51 1 377 7030 x7202
+51 998 107 520

Jorge Rojas

Corn and Soybeans
+51 1 377 7038
+51 949 537 890


Mark Koehne

Wheat and Other Products
+51 1 3777030 x7201
+51 998034245


Karl Velásquez

Corn and Soybeans
Lima - Ica
+51 1 377 7037
+51 942 105 099

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