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We are a leader in the import and commercialization of agricultural commodities in Peru.


The highest volume agricultural product imported by Peru which, together with soybeans, is the main food base for birds, pigs and other livestock; Peru is one of the countries with the highest per capita rate of chicken consumption in the world.

This protein base provides excellence in animal feed. Along with corn, this is an essential ingredient in the preparation of animal feed.


Essential piece in the diet of the Peruvian population. With this, our miller clients produce and offer several flours, bread, cookies, pasta and biscuits in the market. It is a grain with abundant variety in its technical specifications, and its uses are defined from these specifications.

With a passion for excellence in execution, we provide products, services, and solutions that successfully meet the needs and challenges of our customers, and as such, we create value for our shareholders, prosperity for our families, and positive contribution to our society.

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