Feed Toll Milling

ContiLatin offers feed toll milling services in mesh texture in a variety of particle sizes.

This allows ContiLatin to toll mill feed to many animal species such as poultry, hogs, cattle, guinea pigs, bulls, among others. In addition, ContiLatin is also able to offer feed in bulk or bagged presentation depending on the customers’ needs.

  • ContiLatin has the capacity to toll mill up to 12 thousand metric tons of feed per month.
  • It is able to produce feed in a diverse variety of particle sizes.
  • It feed mill plant counts with production supervisors and expert operators in the mixing and production processes.
  • The product is stored in covered, clean and ventilated environment, respecting the Good Storage Practices.
  • The feed mill plant operates under Best Manufacturing Practices.
  • We count with in-house quality control laboratory, assuring complete traceability and quality control of our products.
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